Friday, February 15, 2013

Triathlon Bars

Clearly I am not talking about a drinking establishment that you frequent after having performed a Triathlon.   No, I am talking about a contraption that you add onto the handlebars of your bicycle, which despite the extra weight should make you go faster!

I've been using these on my old Condor training bicycle for about 1 month now. I am quite impressed  - by crouching over the handlebars and pulling onto them as you pedal, yes you can cycle faster.

I've resisted the Triathlon bars for over 10 years now, mostly because to be effective they should be on a custom tri bike where the gear changers are relocated to the bar ends.  But this means a dedicated triathlon bike, and I consider that too much of an extravagance.

 The Token bars are 2 completely independent units

You firmly clamp each bar to the handlebar.   This 13 year old plus bicycle has the old standard 25.4 mm handlebars.   Not the 31.8 mm new standard.  So fitting here is a bigger test on the reduced diameter.

 The arm pads velcro on so can be taken off for cleaning

The extension can be varied in and out.   Reducing the extension means the bars go more to the right, too far to the right will hit your knees as you cycle.

In this simple device the triathlon bar is just a passive aluminium bar.   On a proper tri bike the gear changers can be on the ends of the bar.

So what did I learn?

  • Well this experiment has cost me about 30 GBP
  • It is only a Proof of Concept
  • It actually works!   I can definitely cycle a little faster, not only on the flat but also up any incline even steep ones.
  • I'm still learning how to use the bars and feel a little wobbly on them.  I don't yet have the courage to use them seriously  whilst sprinting, in the wet, or down any hill!
  • I could get some fancier bars and add  them onto my Production Scuro bicycle
  • Or in fact buy a dedicated Triathlon Bike

Token TK9741-2 Aero Clip On Bars