Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Mio Link continuous heartrate monitor

Marcus has been a moderately contented user of the Mio Link continuous heart rate monitor for over 6 months now.

Time for a mini review!

So why bother?

First seen on the Mio Alpha heart rate monitor and then on the BASIS fitness tracker there is an optical sensor underneath the Mio Link to measure heartrate.   No more ugly and for me constraining chest band!

What we found

  • It has lasted for more than 5 hours of monitoring
  • It has both Ant+ and Bluetooth Low Energy Connections.  I have only used the latter, working perfectly with Android and Windows Smartphones and TomTom and Garmin Sports Watches
  • There is a hopeless Android Application useful only for setup whilst the Apple Smartphone app is more capable. There is no Windows Mobile application.
  • You can only pair it to one device, not more this is not actually a Bluetooth Limitation per se just that nobody has implemented the one ot many connectivity specs
  • Physically it is small and light  I have no connectivity issues with the Mio Link on the opposite wrist to my GPS SportsWatch
  • When on the activity light flashes 3 different colours to indicate which heart rate zone that you configured you are in
  • Initially you press a button to switch on and if a link is made to your SmartWatch or Phone application within about 30 seconds it stays on else it switches itself back off
  • Charging is from a tiny USB adapter.  Tiny but a little awkward.
  • The unit can pop out of its strap so you can wash them to clean or replace with another strap  (which I've not actually seen on sale separately)
  • The price is under 100 USD so it not a great wallet buster

For Marcus the Mio Link is now an integral part of his fitness monitoring regime.  It's small and lightweight and lasts long enough for all but longer Ultra races, making it perfect for daily fitness training (since sessions are always under 5 hours continuous, and between sessions you can pop it back on charge).

I love not wearing a Chest mounted heart rate monitor!

In the current marketplace watches with integrated Heart Rate sensors are still being released, Garmin for example has none so far.  

The Mio Link works, and is able to upgrade your current GPS watch to provide heart rate monitoring without a chest strap.  

You can thus wait for your perfect future GPS Sports Watch to be released with this technology in your own time!  And until then use your existing watch and the Mio Link.

Mio Link official